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可再生能源b0b体育app下载Research Reports

Published: September, 2020|135 Pages|格式:电子(PDF)|出版商:盛大视图研究

全球太阳能电池板回收市场规模在2019年的价值12770万美元。据估计,从2020年到2027年估计12.8%CAGR。增加对使用可再生能源的偏好,以满足工业,商业和住宅目的的电力要求b0b体育app下载预计将推动市场的增长。阅读更多 ”

Published: September, 2020|75页|格式:电子(PDF)|出版商:盛大视图研究

The organic rankine cycle market size across the globe was valued USD 498.7 million in 2018. It is projected to witness 9.7% CAGR over the forecasted years, 2019 to 2025. The surging need for power generation from heat sources having a temperature range of 75°C to 350°C is expected to contribute towards market growth for ORC across the globe. Also, its ability to generate power from the heat of lower-grade that would have been wasted if not used is expected to further fuel up its demand.阅读更多 ”

Published: November, 2018|136 Pages|格式:电子(PDF)|出版商:Gen Consulting

预计全球太阳能泵市场将在未来七年内显示出更高的增长率。市场上的快速飙升是对可持续能源资源不断增长的需求,加上众多地方政府举措和符合越来越多的电力需求的计划。b0b体育app下载阅读更多 ”

Published: November, 2018|113 Pages|格式:电子(PDF)|Publisher: MAResearch

预计全球氢气和燃料电池市场将在预测期间表现出显着的市场增长。燃料电池系统在氢气污染下的作用。副产品是热和纯水。目前,内燃机系统表现出较薄的氢气和空气混合物,这可能导致由于润滑油燃烧而发生的极低污染水平。阅读更多 ”

发布时间:2018年5月|96 Pages|格式:电子(PDF)|Publisher: QY Research

在预测期间,预计全球太阳能微逆变器市场预计将在15.54%的重要复合中增加。b0b体育app下载能源是日常生活中不可或缺的一部分,以照明,加热和冷却活动的形式主要消耗。整个活动取决于构成生命中不可或缺的部分的能耗,这是国家整体发展的重要工具。b0b体育app下载阅读更多 ”

Published: April, 2018|111页|格式:电子(PDF)|Publisher: QY Research

The global wind power systems market is expected to display higher growth rate over the next five years. Rapid surge in the wind power system market is credited to rising energy demand and shifting trend towards renewable energy. Growing demand to substitute conventional sources of energy with renewable energy is expected to drive the growth of the market over the forecast period.阅读更多 ”

Published: February, 2018|100 Pages|格式:电子(PDF)|出版商:盛大视图研究

由于范围,产品类型及其应用,全球波和潮汐能量b0b体育app下载市场预计将达到39亿美元,并在全球范围内增加。波动能量意b0b体育app下载味着海面波的能量,其被捕获用于海水淡化,将水泵入储存器和发电。阅读更多 ”

发布时间:2017年12月|0 Pages|格式:电子(PDF)|出版商:盛大视图研究

燃料电池有助于通过电化学过程从化学能产生电能,因此该化学品不会燃烧,因此它是清b0b体育app下载洁燃料的源泉。阅读更多 ”

Published: November, 2017|109 Pages|格式:电子(PDF)|Publisher: QY Research

United States Solar Pumps Market is expected to grow at a significant CAGR in the upcoming years as the scope, product types and its applications are increasing across the globe. Solar Pumps are designed to use the direct current from the array skillfully, even as the generation of energy differs throughout the day.阅读更多 ”

Published: September, 2017|144 Pages|格式:电子(PDF)|出版商:盛大视图研究

The global solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) market size is anticipated to value at USD 1.42 billion by 2025, during the forecast period. The market is subject to witness a substantial growth due to growing emphasis on finding an alternative energy sources and increasing awareness about benefits of the solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC). Rise in preference towards solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) is mainly due to their capability of generating electricity with the help of different set of fuels including hydrogen, natural gas, and biogas.阅读更多 ”

Published: September, 2017|137 Pages|格式:电子(PDF)|出版商:盛大视图研究

The global Thin Film Battery Market size is anticipated to value at USD 1.72 billion by 2025. The market is subject to display a substantial growth due to the increasing demand for thin film battery in wearable electronics devices, growing application in Internet of Things (IoT), and medical tracking devices in both emergent and emerging countries. Latest trend involving growing adoption of wearable electronic devices is key factor responsible for rising demand of the thin film batteries across the globe in recent years.阅读更多 ”

Published: August, 2017|115页|格式:电子(PDF)|出版商:盛大视图研究

2016年全球集中太阳能市场的范围达到了30.3亿美元,预计将于2025年完成89.2亿美元。预计预计预测期内的CAGR 12.7%电力紧缩,加上非传统能源的资源,以产生电力。b0b体育app下载阅读更多 ”

发布时间:2017年7月|110 Pages|格式:电子(PDF)|出版商:盛大视图研究

全球生物柴油市场预计将达到5美元4.8 billion by 2025. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel made from biomass similar to conventional or fossil diesel. It may be produced from waste cooking oil, vegetable oil, tallow, and animal fats/oil. The process of converting these oils into biodiesel is termed as transesterification.阅读更多 ”


The global small wind market is expected to cross USD 1.79 billion by 2025. Small wind turbines find regular use in developed and developing economies and are basically used in rural areas across the domestic and international market. Small wind turbines are specifically used to power business institutions, schools, colleges, farms, and various other entities.阅读更多 ”

Published: April, 2017|114页|格式:电子(PDF)|Publisher: QY Research

Global solar encapsulation materials market is expected to grow at a significant CAGR in the upcoming years. Sustainable and renewable energy market is expected to witness high growth owing to exhausting conventional sources, coupled with environmental concerns and increasing cost of production.阅读更多 ”

Published: March, 2017|93 Pages|格式:电子(PDF)|出版商:盛大视图研究

The global Solar PV Market size is expected to reach 489.79 gigawatts (GW) by 2020. The market is subject to witness a substantial growth due to the growing demand for sustainable energy resources, coupled with numerous local government initiatives and schemes to fulfill growing demand of electricity. Numerous benefits are obtained with the use of solar PV that include sustainability, reduction in greenhouse gas emission, and low operational cost, are further spurring the growth of the market over the forecast period.阅读更多 ”

Published: February, 2017|103 Pages|格式:电子(PDF)|Publisher: QY Research

The global building Integrated photovoltaics (BIPV) market is expected to undergo significant growth owing to rising need and requirement to conserve energy.阅读更多 ”

Published: January, 2017|119 Pages|格式:电子(PDF)|Publisher: QY Research

全球太阳能跟踪器市场在技术,产品,类型,应用和地理基础上进行了分割。bob官方网址太阳能跟踪器是增加能量生产和降低电力成本的设备。b0b体育app下载它们旨在通过将有效载荷取向对抗向太阳定位来利用最大量的太阳能量。b0b体育app下载阅读更多 ”

Published: January, 2017|85页|格式:电子(PDF)|出版商:盛大视图研究

由于越来越多的燃料电力生产来源,全球浮动太阳能电池板市场预计将大幅增长,随着清洁燃料电力生产来源的强调,以及用于建立光伏系统的土地有限。浮动太阳能电池板是一系列太阳能电池板,如湖泊或人工盆地漂浮在水上。这项技术是bob官方网址可再生能源增长的主要原因。b0b体育app下载阅读更多 ”

发布时间:2016年12月|110 Pages|格式:电子(PDF)|出版商:盛大视图研究

预计全球太阳能跟踪器市场将在2025年之前产生26.77 GW的装机容量。由于能够提高安装有效载荷,包括镜子,面板和抛物面低谷的效率,市场可能存在显着增长。太阳能跟踪器能够将有效载荷的效率提高约30%。越来越多,对可持续能源资源的需求,加上众多地方政府举措和履行电b0b体育app下载力需求的计划,预计将在预测期内提高太阳能跟踪行业的增长。阅读更多 ”